Wendy Reeder Martinsburg, West Virginia

So this grown married woman went after my husband at their job. They both worked at Schewels in Charles Town. For over a year they met in the parking lot, motels and after her husband caught them and he left, they would meet at her house. After being with my husband for 15 years and catching them on numerous occasions I finally said enough was enough and I told him to get out. He went straight to her house and moved in with her. This woman was married at the time so they were both cheating on their significant others the whole time. Still to this day my husband tells me he loves me and tries to still sleep me when picking up his kids and dropping them off.. They are both losers, cheaters n liars! So women beware of Schewels in Charles Town! Don’t allow your husband to go in alone this tramp will try and get him!!!

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