Samantha Lynn Lang Martinsburg, West Virginia

Samabtha lynn lang is the biggest whore I know. She was living at my neighbors and everyday my husband would come hone from work she would yell across to him hey puddin. She then got in her brothers phobe while he was asleep and got my husnads phone number and began texting him at which point she was asked to move out of their house because she was causing drama in my household. She would stand outside and watch him with the little kids on the playground so everything he needed tonight after work. She took her friendly texting to a new level of texting after she moved a d started sending sexual pictures that led to her and my husband having sex at the ball field in the woods by state circle. As of June my husband left me for this whore because of a fight me and him had over his excessive drinking of alcohol as he was a recovering addict relapsing because of a guilty conscious. He has came back home and went back to this whore 4 times and was texting me every time to meet up with him he missed me he wanted to come home or have sex so I sent the screenshots to her showing her the dog that he is and she still kept him.. Needless to say its been 4 months he still tries to have sex with me still texts me and lies to her. Come to find out the weekend he left me for her she slept with a guy that friday her current bf at the time that Saturday and my husband that Sunday night he left me. 3 men one weekend what a whore. She only stays for so long then she’s done. My husband will be 31 on saturday and she is 22 and married to her cousin Jason lang of Virginia. This sick bitch thinks she can keep me from talking to my 2 year old sons father about my son but she has another thing coming…. Keep your men locked up ladies she walks martinsburg thru the day while he’s working wearing skanky clothes looking for her next victim because his job ends in 3 weeks she has to keep the money flow coming in…….

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