Erin Jade Myers Martinsburg, West Virginia

This fucking cunt agressively went after my husband of 16 years at his second job by telling him he was sexy and handsome. She followed him around, etc. Told other coworkers he was goodlooking for two weeks. long story short, the aggressiveness paid off for her, and she was able to convince this 45 year old dad to cheat with her. She’s 27. They would meet after work in the parking lot for sex, and meet after his regular job during the week for sex in the park at Sam Michael Park. I found out through text records and scanning the phone finding nudes and the messages where there were hundreds of sexting messages about how she was going to take my place and raise my son. and how she wantes my husband to eat her pussy good because her boyfriend had never eaten pussy before. it was ridiculous. As if she would raise my child. lol I confronted my husband after I found out and dealt with him for 4 days before I confronted her, threatening to place her nude pictures, stretch marks and ad tattoos and all outside along rt 9, 340 and rt45 where her former sheriff candidate father would see them and her job, Berkeley County Public Schools would see them. As she is a bus driver during the school year! I mean, hell if youll seduce a 45 year old soon to be grandpa, (at 27) then youll seduce a teenage oy, right?Nothings off limits when youre a cunt, slut and a homewrecker, right? Anyhow, she seems to think by owning up to her mistakes that she’s taking responisibility for her part in this affair. Although, she keeps throwing my husband under the bus every chance she gets.I’ve seen the text messages, I know how agressive this cunt was. It was over the top, crazy. ANYWAY LOCK UP YOUR HUSBAND< SON< AD PETS!!

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