Chandler Nichole Davis Sterling, Virginia

This ugly fat bitch is a ENORMOUS home wrecker! She goes after any man who has a family. She’ll pretend to be your friend but lurk behind your back talking to your kids father, boyfriend , fiancé, husband. She’ll open her legs for any guy ready to show her attention especially if they’re in a relationship. She uses money to get their attention and than do sexual favors to keep then around. My husband was on one of her flights and that’s how they met. Seen the text and she asked about his family and kids continues on to offer to give him money and fly him to stay in a hotel so they could meet up. She seems to be engaged as I’ve seen I wonder how her man would feel about this. Wonder if she snuck her way into that relationship also. This girl has no morals, no integrity, and needless to say lacks the confidence to find a single man and start from scratch like the rest of us. Don’t let her around your kids and family she’ll only try to play games til she can buy what she wants. Nasty trashy insecure slut. I would be ashamed for any man to try and have this disgusting excuse of a woman around my kids or even in his life. Needless to say this bitch wrecked my family and I hope your happy.

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