Ashley Mead Greenfield, Indiana

Watch out for her she will do everything she can to take your man. She has 4 different baby daddies. 1 is mixed with Mexican, they other she says is Mexican to but that girl is white, she has a white little boy who turned 1 this year then got pregnant with a guy who she says is the daddy but that baby is Mexican too. She will text your man husband whatever behind your back. Her sex life sucks so bad. She is nasty an very dirty. Her pic make her look pretty but see her in person an the cellulite comes out, rolls over her pants, can’t tell weather she is looking at you or someone else. Girls watch your back. Promise you see this one just go she isn’t worth nothing. What mom gives up her 2 youngest babies but keeps her older 2 kids. Wow such a same. Well this bitch will do anything to make your money too cause she is to lazy to work.. Piggy looking bitch

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